Webinar: Inpatient Rehabilitation – Avoid Risks of Non-Compliance Webinar

Inpatient Rehabilitation – Avoid Risks of Non-Compliance Webinar

What can you do to ensure you are fulfilling the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) Medicare Requirements? Find out in this webinar.

Join us in this free live webinar event as we cover the risks of non-compliance with ever-changing IRF CMS regulations.

Staying in Compliance with ever-changing IRF CMS regulations is a formidable task. The risks of non-compliance include loss of revenue, take-backs of already realized revenue, and loss of a positive reputation in the health care community.

Medicare and Medicaid rank highest on the government list of Improper Payments. In fact almost 60% of improper payments are attributed to Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare has been entrusted to Protect the Medicare Trust Fund and pay only for services rendered. So to succeed in applying the Medicare Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Regulations correctly and avoid negative consequences, the Regulations should be treated as more than guidelines

This Webinar will be helpful if you 1) don’ t have an audit program, or 2) have an existing audit program and want to ensure you are abreast with the latest trends, tools and recommendations in IRF compliance.

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October 26, 2017 11:00 am PST
2:00 pm EST
60 minutes FREE Here

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