Thank you for being a part of our community here at Managed Resources & CodingAID! As a token of our appreciation, here are 6 of our most popular 2019 webinars all in one place for you here.

The Denials Panel

From doctors to CFOs, everyone is asking the same question:

Why aren’t we getting paid for the healthcare we have provided?

It is to answer this all encompassing question that we have put together a different sort of webinar experience for you. We have brought together the foremost experts in 3 major wings of revenue cycle and HIM – coding, CDI, and denials/appeals – to offer their insights on the state of the payer-provider relationship and what that means for each healthcare professional, both clinical and non-clinical.

Join national denials authority, Nadia White, contemporary CDI and Values-Based Healthcare expert, Maggie DeFilippis, and the most popular coding educator in the US today, Lynn Handy, as they discuss the major trends and regulatory shifts that are shaping contemporary healthcare revenue cycle.

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Achieving and Protecting Heart Failure Reimbursement

Join Margaret DeFilippis JD, RN, CPC, CCS, CCDS, CDIP as she walks all of us through achieving and protecting Heart Failure reimbursement. Maggie will look extensively at the specific roles that each member of the healthcare team needs to play in order to receive reimbursement for this most common diagnosis. From a high level view of what is happening and why, to coding and documentation improvements to denials management, this is the definitive look at both achieving and protecting reimbursement for heart failure cases

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Spinal Coding

We finally brought back Director of Coding and presenter of last year’s extremely popular, Modifiers webinar, Kerri Larson, for a FREE one hour look at Spinal Coding. Kerri will be covering:

  1. Fusions and beyond!
  2. Does the approach really matter or can it be mixed/matched?
  3. Identifying Interspace vs. Segment work.
  4. Modifier 59 was created for such a time as this…. or was it?
  5. Diagnosis, does it matter?
  6. A live Q&A
  7. And more!

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Highlights from HealthCON 2019

HEALTHCON 2019 is over and we’ve got the highlights! Whether you are just getting back from Las Vegas or if you weren’t able to make it this year, join us on May 16 for a one hour session with the all-star team of Medical Coding leaders from CodingAID. Join Kerri Larson, Carrie Weiss, Janae Ballard, and of course, Lynn Handy for their favorite tips, tricks, and updates from the biggest revenue cycle management event of the year.

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Those Other E/M Services

Join us for a very informative discussion on various services located in the E/M section of CPT. Topics include:

This is an excellent dive into some of the lesser discusses elements of E/M led by E/M expert and CodingAID Manager of Coding, Carrie Weiss, LPN, CPC, CEMC

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Fundamentals of Charge Compliance

Charge compliance audits have rapidly become one of the key components of healthcare finance and administration. With the rise in paybacks stemming from non-compliance, Managed Resources Director of Compliance, Katie Stanford, RN, MSN, CMAS has become a visible and vocal advocate for comprehensive charge compliance audits. In this one hour webinar, you will learn about:

  1. Setting up a charge compliance audit
  2. Understanding how to audits reduce risk
  3. Identifying undercharges, overcharges, and unbilled
  4. Establishing correct sample size and other protocols
  5. Recent developments in the industry, especially CMS
  6. An extensive Q and A
  7. And more

This is an excellent training for both newly established programs as well as long standing programs as it takes a step by step approach to the true fundamentals of charge compliance.

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