EXCERPT FROM THE 2018 CMS IRF Compliance Report

For over 25 years, we have been providing compliance and revenue cycle support services to healthcare organization nationwide. Our vision has been to assist our clients achieve their revenue goals by providing quality solutions, staff, and education. Today, our industry continues to evolve, particularly in the field of compliance with regulatory guidelines of specialty care facilities.

While dialysis, wound care, and surgery centers have seen their fair share of negative attention from the OIG attention, no single care facility type has experienced the sort of payback occurrence rate as have Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities since the start of 2017. In my own 30+ years in healthcare finance, I am hard pressed to remember CMS ever before issuing paybacks with the sort of magnitude and frequency with which they are issuing to IRFs. The OIG recently reported one hospital was overpaid an estimated $10,000,000 in IRF claims. This comes on the heels of multiple similar findings at facilities across the nation.

We are proud to be the leading IRF CMS compliance firm operating today. Our team of Certified Medical Audit Specialists have led the industry as it seeks to evaluate and protect IRF units from risk of non-compliance. The goal of this report is to centralize data gained from public sources as well as our own experience and lay out a roadmap to compliance for rehabilitation facilities across the country.

F. Simon Zaman, President and Founder

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Full Report CMS Compliance