Renal Dialysis Compliance Audit

Managed Resources has been performing Renal Dialysis Compliance audits for over 250 individual dialysis sites throughout the United States.  As an independent firm, unaffiliated with any healthcare organization, we are able to offer an independent, unbiased perspective in validating your compliance program.  Our Registered Nurses average over 20 years of compliance auditing experience with additional certifications as Certified Medical Audit Specialists.  We have been able to assist our clients in:

  • Improving documentation for compliance with regulatory requirements and patient quality of care.
  • Identifying hidden issues & critical process errors that could result in significant penalties and sanctions.
  • Conducting billing compliance audits in validating the accuracy of claims, documentation for wastage and coding accuracy.
  • Preparing staff for regulatory audits, allowing for compliance testing before potential probe audits.
  • Performing Due Diligence in Facility acquisitions, identifying issues that may become larger liabilities

Contact us to learn more about how Managed Resources can validate and improve your renal dialysis documentation compliance.