Medical Coding Support

Our U.S. based coding services support your daily production need—catch up on your backlog, receive assistance with specialty-specific coding, or secure coverage for internal staff on a temporary or long-term basis.

Coding Services

Our Approach

Our program is designed to strengthen your compliance and coding accuracy through expert coding services, detailed reviews, and in-depth reporting and education. We work within your framework and in line with national guidelines to provide dependable and profitable coding support.

Our performance & reputation are built on:

Expert Coding Staff to Support Your Goals

Our coding professionals are highly qualified to support your coding operations while helping to decrease denials and improve overall compliance.

Coding Workflow

Project Manager Assigned

Records & Documentation Review

Coding Process

Quality Assurance

Our coders are trained and monitored for consistent compliance with all regulatory guidelines and reference tools, particularly Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant, AHIMA’s Ethical Coding Standards, and Documentation for E&M Codes as published by the AMA & CMS.

Expectations for our professional coding services are to maintain an average of 95% accuracy rate for all types of accounts coded, while maintaining a production standard that is set for each site, considering the types of records being reviewed and the complexity of the data set.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I found myself in a huge bind. Inpatient and outpatient accounts in backlog. Reaching out to CodingAID saved me. Not only did they provide high quality, experienced coders, they got my backlog under control and caught up in no time!”

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