Mergers & acquisitions are steadily on the rise in the healthcare industry. In any given year, hundreds of practices are successfully purchased—but often the buyer has limited insight into the compliance standards of these newly acquired practices. Revenue compliance and risk assessment are therefore pressing concerns for any buyer.

How Can CodingAID Help with Compliance?

CodingAID has a highly experienced team of coding compliance experts that can quickly and effectively evaluate coding quality and accuracy rates. Our staff conduct thorough audits based on the clinical documentation and an examination of the assigned codes for CPT, E/M, HCPCS, Modifiers and Diagnoses. At the end of our engagement, our in-depth reporting will help provide a clear picture of the revenue compliance of the practice in question, identify any red flags, and help ensure that the acquisition is a sound investment.

Our Process

Our Approach

Our program is designed to strengthen your compliance and coding accuracy through detailed reviews, reporting and education. We work within your framework and in line with national guidelines to inform and educate your team to achieve optimal compliance and documentation.

Our performance & reputation are built on:

Our Team

Our professional coding and audit experts are highly qualified to report and educate on coding guidelines, documentation best practices and more.