With nearly 20,000 satisfied attendees in 2018 alone, Managed Resources is one of the premier education providers of Coding, Denials Management, CDI and revenue cycle for the healthcare community.

Below is a comprehensive list of all webinars conducted since January of 2019. If you would like on-demand access to any of the below, simply click on the attached link and you will be taken to the corresponding registration page. If you don’t see a webinar or a topic in which you would be interested, let us know by emailing us at webinar@managedresourcesinc.com 

Coding and Audit Webinars:

2019 ICD-10-CM Updates

This 2 hour webinar examines the 473 total code changes coming in 2019. Major items include

• Conventions and General Guideline changes
• Chapter specific Guideline changes
• New Malignant Melanoma codes for the eyelids
• New Blepharitis codes with laterality and many other laterality codes added throughout the eye section
• New combination codes for Acute Appendicitis with complications
• New Myalgia codes
• Expanded Urethral Stricture codes
• New codes for Triplet and Quadruplet pregnancy
• New codes for Obstetric surgical wound infections
• Expanded codes for Newborn affected by maternal condition

Modifiers Explained

Modifiers are a litmus test: do you essentially view modifiers as a tool to better categorize specific procedures or do you dread them as a complication and potential pitfall? Either way, the reality is that modifiers are an integral component of medical coding. Join modifiers expert, Kerri Larson CPC, as she outlines the most common modifier mistakes and how to go about making sure that you are not only getting your modifiers correct but including each and every one warranted.

2018 Teaching Physician Updates

Janae Ballard CPC, CPMA, COC, CEMC reviews the 2018 Teaching Physician Guidelines updates and what they mean to you. From the critical updates affecting medical student guidelines to the often confusing Teaching Physician presence and documentation requirements, this is your opportunity to receive direct training from one of the experts in Teaching Physician guidelines.

CodingAID’s Official E&M Summit

Our largest event of the year, this intensive four-hour E & M training from  Lynn Handy, includes:

• The Nature of the Presenting Problem and Medical Necessity
• Let’s talk about those Gray areas!!!
• Coding in an Electronic World
• The Basics of E & M including its History, Exam, and Medical Decision Making
• Time Coding
• Consultations: Are you still coding them?
• New versus Established patients
• Incident To Services
• Teaching Physician Guidelines review
• Case Studies
• Inpatient E & M Guidelines
• Same Day Admit/Discharge
• Observation
• Nursing Facility Services
• Pre-Op Services
• Split/Shared Services
• Teaching Physician and the Late Night Rule
• Case Studies
• And an extensive Q&A where Lynn will answer your most pressing and complicated questions.

This is your chance to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about E & M from one of the true authorities on the subject.

Highlights from HealthCon

AAPC’s biggest convention has just finished and we’ve got all of the highlights. Get all of the most important information coming from HEALTHCON straight from our team of coding experts. Lynn Handy, Janae Ballard, Carrie Weiss, and Kerri Larson help you sort through the largest industry gathering of 2018.

Understanding Critical Care Coding

Perhaps no category in medical care creates more queries and complications than critical care. From understanding the definition of critical care to documentation requirements, correctly coding critical care codes is an integral practice of every successful coding department. Join critical care expert, Carrie Weiss as she not only outlines critical care guidelines but also works through the sort of complicated case studies that exemplify critical care.

Observation Services

Observation Services are a unique category in medical coding and billing as they so often represent a transitional stage for the patient. Items like understanding how to change patient status to inpatient, who exactly can bill observation codes, documentation requirements for jobs, and time coding rules can mean the difference between receiving payment and not.

Lynn Handy and Janae Ballard team up to lay out how to go about coding for Observation Services. 

CodingAID’s Mastering the Audit Workshop Series: The Audit Process

We invite you to join us for CodingAID’s Mastering The Audit Workshop Series: The Audit Process. This intensive four-hour training from renowned coding educator and audit authority, Lynn Handy, designed to strengthen your audit program and improve its result. Below is an overview of the topics to be covered:

• Defining your Internal Audit Workplan including plans for: Compliance Audits, Focused Audits, New Provider Audits, and Re-Audits
• Defining your External Audit Workplan including: Annual External Audits and Specialty Specific Audits
• Defining Auditor Quality Audits (QA) workplan including how to understanding appropriate timelines and correct scopes
• Sample Selection Methodology including correct sample sizing, date ranges, utilization reports, and bell curve analysis
• Setting up useful Audit Scoring Methodology including understanding individual audit scores, passing rates, and industry benchmarks.
• Review of Medicare Coding Guidelines as well as understanding the role of your own internal guidelines
• All things reporting including audit comments/error source, crafting optimal executive summaries and recommendations, and parsing results by Department/Specialty.
• Presenting the Audit Results both to staff and leadership
• Performing the correct Post Audit Education including 1:1 Provider Training, Specialty Group Training, and Coder Education
• Handling Audit Disputes both with Coders and Providers
• Self-Disclosures, Refunds and Corrected Billing
• Case Studies
• And an extensive Q&A with Lynn.

This is your chance to learn the practices and ask the questions that will make your audits and education the most impactful on your coders and providers.

The Great Q&A

CodingAID All-Star coding experts Lynn Handy, Janae Ballard, Carrie Weiss, and Kerri Larson answer your most challenging coding questions . From interventional radiology to the ED, no subject is too complicated and no scenario too complex.

2018 CPT Updates

Lynn Handy leads the charge heading into 2018 with our 2018 CPT Updates webinar. This two hour webinar outlines the most significant changes to the CPT Guide as well as how to go about incorporating them into your coding.

Denials Management Webinars:

A Practical Guide to Preventing Clinical Denials

A Practical Guide to Preventing Clinical denials is an in-depth look at not only the most common causes of clinical denials, but the solutions that actually work in real world application. Led by clinical denials overturn expert, Nadia White, participants of A Practical Guide to Preventing Clinical Denials will learn about new strategies in CDI, UR, Case Management and more

Overturning Medicaid and Managed Medicaid Denials

Nadia White, RN, BSN, LNCC details the steps all providers and facilities should be taking to deal with the growing pressure of Medicaid denials. In this webinar, Nadia will outline the most common types of Medicaid and Managed Medicaid denials as well as the most effective ways to both contend with – and prevent – those denials. This is an excellent opportunity to understand what exactly is happening in one of the most impactful and rapidly changing arenas of denials

Compliance Webinars:

The IRF Payback Epidemic

With fines extending up to $30,000,000 now popping up nearly every week in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities across the country, the complex, costly, and counter-intuitive process of compliance has never been more important.

Join IRF compliance expert, Katie Stanford, RN, MSN, CMAS as she lays out what exactly is going on with all of these paybacks and how to minimize your IRF’s exposure..

Clinical Documentation Improvement Webinars:

Meaningful CDI

No single department in healthcare administration has changed as dramatically as CDI over the past ten years. CDI expert, Suzanne Whiteford RN, BSN, CCDS, CCS outlines what exactly effective CDI looks like in 2018. From physician queries to DRGs to understanding how to measure if your CDI is actually working, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from one of the foremost authorities in CDI today.