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Charge Compliance Webinar

Implementing a Charge Compliance Program Webinar

Date: June 13, 2019

Time: 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

Length: 1 hour




Learning Objective: To understand how to appropriately set up and conduct a charge compliance audit

Who Should Attend: Charge Audit Nurses, Compliance Managers, Auditors, Chargemaster Managers, Financial Leadership, Risk Managers, Appeals Nurses, and Leadership



Charge compliance audits have rapidly become one of the key components of healthcare finance and administration. With the rise in paybacks stemming from non-compliance, Managed Resources Director of Audit, Katie Stanford, RN, MSN, CMAS has become a visible and vocal advocate for comprehensive charge compliance audits. In this one hour webinar, you will learn about:

1.   The benefits of adding charge compliance

2.   How the clinical auditor has a positive impact on the Revenue Cycle

3.   Reducing risk by identifying billing and documentation issues

4.   The steps to implement a charge compliance program

5.   What you should expect from a clinical audit program

This is an excellent training for both newly established programs as well as long-standing programs as it takes a step by step approach to the true fundamentals of charge compliance.




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