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Education & Training

Our expert-led coding compliance training can be tailored to your preferences and education goals.

Customizable Training Services

We offer both onsite and web-based training services incorporating detailed reviews of your coders’ and/or providers’ specific audit results. Coding compliance training sessions may incorporate:

Post-Audit Results Training

We recommend training sessions with each coder/provider to review audit results. These individualized sessions can be held on-site or virtually, and are 100% customizable.

Post-audit results training can also be conducted in a group session format. These sessions can include the overall audit results, top issues and trends, review of coding guidelines, and specific documentation examples from the audit.

Specialty Group Training Sessions

Specialty group training sessions are beneficial when trends or high-risk areas are identified within the audit results, or to review specific topics requested, including:

General Coding, Billing & Support Staff Training

Sessions are offered to the coding, billing and support staff upon request. Audit trends and issues will be reviewed, as well as any coding tips that may pertain to your specific specialties. Options include:

Educational Resources

CodingAID offers a variety of valuable educational resources, including:

Visit our Resource Library for access to webinars, whitepapers, case studies and more:

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