Education & Training

We offer a wide variety of education and training solutions for providers that incorporate your challenges and audit results to create a targeted training program that will best meet your needs.  

All training sessions are available either on-site or remotely.  These trainings may include: 

1:1 Training Sessions

These sessions can be scheduled for as short as 1 hour to as long as 5 days based on your needs. The Managed Resources auditor/trainer will provide remote training so all stakeholders are looking at the same notes together.

The scope of the sessions may include a review of root causes specific to your organization, trends identified, documentation matters, or other requested topics.

Group Sessions

Group training sessions are offered and are beneficial when trends or risk areas are identified that should be communicated to all stakeholders within a group. This may include to PFS, nurse auditor’s physician advisors, admitting managers and nurse educators.

Business Office Feedback

An executive summary of results will be created and communicated in a feedback session to the executive management team. Top issues and trends will be highlighted as well as recommendations. Industry and regulative updates and changes can be incorporated into either department meetings/sessions or given as general sessions.